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Mummies Unwrapped (level 3) (Hello Reader)

Mummies Unwrapped (level 3) (Hello Reader) download
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Mummies Unwrapped (level 3) (Hello Reader)
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An in-depth beginners history lesson in ancient Egypt and the fascinating process of the making of a mummy.

Author Kimberly Weinberger presents an insightful look at the life of the ancient Egyptians, with very basic, easy-to-comprehend text. In four brief chapters, readers learn important facts about the Egyptians' belief on life and death, stories and superstitions surrounding their gods and goddesses, intriguing facts about burial tombs filled with treasures, and the origin of the practice of making mummies. The author's thorough description of the mummy-making process is further illuminated by Portia Sloan's very detailed illustrations. The book ends with a look at the discovery of a tomb that contained the most incredible riches ever -- the tomb of the world- famous mummy, King Tutankhamen.

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